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 Mama Bears are Protectress' Over Their Young

Mama Bears by nature are protective and devoted.  They do not fight indiscriminately,

they fight with purpose using wisdom, discernment and common sense. 

They confront with courage and are committed to the end. 

They are confident and competent.


Come discover how I developed and honed my mama bear skills to best serve my child.  I will share how I nurtured, disciplined, and educated her.  I will share how I advocated for what I knew, as her parent, was best for her health and wellbeing.  Now I want to share those skills and strategies along with my knowledge and wisdom.  

You dont need to be a mama in order to act courageously to protect and defend children.  We are in the midst of a culture crisis across the globe.  We need everyone to act like a mama bear and stand up for what is true, good and beautiful.  We all need to stand up and fight the evil and debauchery of this current culture that threatens our children's souls,  minds, and innocence.  I am fighting like a mama bear in order to conserve  all that is good, according to God, for His kingdom and posterity.  

TCMB (The Conservative Mama Bear) is going on the road.  This is a grassroots movement to shine God's light into the darkess of the current culture of death that is devouring our children.  Our Country will not be saved through politics but by every single Christian having the courage to RISE UP, SPEAK TRUTH, REPENT and DEPART from the current culture. My mission is to mobilize an army that is determined and equipped to fight the Spiritual Battle for the souls of our children. An Army of Spiritual Warriors that will Protect & Preserve Life, Truth & Beauty for posterity.  

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