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WHY I Branded Myself as The Conservative Mama Bear

Author: Kimberly Boobyer


Carefully Chosen

The words Mama Bear tend to invoke a fierce mother intent on unabashedly fighting for her child. Some people don't like the term and have told me so. To them it means someone that wants to pick a fight over anything and even bully if necessary to any end in order to get what they desire for their child. They are entitled to that perspective, however, I would like to give my perspective and why I carefully chose to brand myself as The Conservative Mama Bear.

A Mama Bear Fights Discriminately

To me, a Mama Bear is someone that never desires to pick a fight for no good reason.  A Mama Bear fights discriminately, soley to protect her young. She chooses her battles ever so carefully. She knows she has only so much strength and needs to reserve it for the crucial moments when it will benefit the protection of her cub (child) the most. A Mama Bear uses wisdom, common sense, prudence, and knowledge in discerning that precise moment to fight, the most important battles to take on and when to strategically wage all out war.  She knows that if she chooses to fight it could mean her death and subsequently her cub’s, that being entirely reliant upon her, will have no means of defending itself.

It is Not Based on Political Leanings

Choosing to be The Conservative Mama Bear was not based on political leanings.  The word conservative outside of politics means preservative; having power to preserve in a safe or entire state, or from loss, waste or injury.  I want to preserve my child, her life, her purity and holiness at all costs.  Her soul is eternal and her life and mind are precious. I can think of no more noble endeavor as a mother than to fiercely protect and advocate for her child.

Meekness; Submission to the Divine Will of My Creator

The decision was also based on meekness; submission to the divine will of my Creator. Meekness is in opposition to pride or arrogance, softness of temper, mildness under injury or provocation.  To me, meekness means that even though I possess the strength and ability to fight I choose not to because my strength is better shown in being patient, forbearing and gracious.  I choose to "conserve" myself at the same time I protect my child. I cannot serve my God or my child well if I am willing to compromise myself or my values.  The ends do not always justify the means.

My Duty as a Parent

Being a Conservative Mama Bear means taking responsibility for the parenting of my child. Parents have God given authority over their children (Ephesians 6:1).  God knew my child before she was conceived (Jeremiah 1:4-5).  He knit her together in my womb (Psalm 139:13).  He specifically planned for me to be her mother.  My parenting duties include nurturing, maintaining, protecting and educating her.  I am expected to lovingly discipline my child and to teach her to honor me as her parent (Exodus 20:12).  I am also seriously warned by Jesus not to cause her to sin (Matthew 18:6).  I am charged to raise my child up in the way that she should go (Proverbs22:6).  I do not neglect this serious duty given me by God.

Exemplify and Preserve Posterity

At the same time I do not endanger my life, my reputation or put my soul in peril because I know that ultimately it would be at the expense of my child.  I strive to exemplify what a good, godly, nurturing mother is so that my child has a model worthy of emulating.  This is how I believe we are to serve God and to preserve posterity in the best state possible according to God’s design.

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