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My passion has always been to serve others.  My first love is Jesus ever since I became a born again Christian, baptized into the Catholic Church.  I have a beautiful, precious daughter, Samantha, who is the inspiration for my creativity, advocacy and endeavors to bless others.  

Before Samantha was born I had a career as a Professional Golf Instructor.  I was athletic and concerned about health and nutrition because of my prior background in the Pharmacy/Medical/Home Health Care Industry.  I learned valuable lessons in that field and while playing and teaching golf.  


The Word of God, my upbringing, those experiences and the ongoing journey to wellness with Samantha have molded and shaped me into who I am today, a Conservative Mama Bear.  I am a fierce defender and advocate for all that is good, true and beautiful.  I developed and honed my Mama Bear skills while nurturing and protecting my daughter.


 I joyously share with you the wisdom and fruits of my labors and sufferings.  

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