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As a Mama Bear,  

 To Reiterate; As a parent, you are the gatekeeper to everything your child is able to learn.  Guard the gate carefully.  Parents should never stop guarding or tending to the MIND or the SOUL of their child.


Learing opportunities are everywhere and most are NOT good especially if your children are in public school.  Children are always learning something and what they are learing in public school is far less academic and far more insidious.  

Public School Education is Lack in Knowledge and Rife with Indoctrination

The doctrine taught in our public education systems has always been compromised.  Its content is lack in knowledge and rife with indoctrination; information carefully selected to steer the child in the direction the STATE would want them to go.  It has been done purposefully and strategically since its inception. 

I know, I have done my research.  It's not just public school.  I pulled my daughter out of parochial school at the beginning of her first grade year to begin homeschooling.  I observed too much that was more than concerning at the Catholic school my then step-son attended and the non-denominational parochial school we transferred him to in hopes that it would be an improvement. This was in 2014 and things have only gotten much worse. The books and resource links I recommend lay out the reasons why you should get your children out as soon as possible!


Public School Education is Entirely Antithetical to Classical Christian Teaching 


The lack of suitable education and  the forced indoctrination is not the only reason you should get your children out ASAP;  it is the culture that they are immersed in.  It is entirely antithetical to Classical Christian teaching and the Judeo-Christian values our nation was founded on.  Any parent that desires their child grow up to be well formed in their faith, morals and virtues, to be a critical thinker and to understand factual history; its importance, and to be a good citizen; civically responsible, should  seriously reconsider where and by whom their children are being educated.  

All Children in Public Schools are Being Robbed of and Education that Inspires their Intellect

If your child has a disability like my daughter, all the more reason to homeschool.  All children, but especially those like my daughter, with a learning disability, are being robbed of an education that inspires their intellect and enriches their soul.  My observation is that they are subjugated to an environment that is in opposition to learning.  It is an environment that overstimulates their neurological system, limits the  opportunity to stay with a subject the length of time necesssary to fully engage and learn, and reduces them to focus merely on busy work and the minimal skills necessary to enter into the workforce after graduating.  

CRT, Gender Fluidity and DEI

are the Main Focus of the

Curriculum in Public Schools

Unless your State or school board has specific laws and policies that forbid the teaching of  Critical Race Theory (CRT), Gender Fluidity and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), your children are being taught those very things and it is intermingled throughout every subject and activity.  It is their main agenda.  Some Administrators and Teachers defy the laws pushing  their agendas regardless.  Children as young as preschool are being taught that they can change their gender at any moment and even become animals (furries) if they so desire.

Pornography is Displayed Openly


Beginning in primary school and sometimes preschool children are shown pornographic images in the books that are being read to them or that are easily accessible in the school libraries (media centers).  

Debauchery is the Order of the Day 

Parents are Forbid Access 

"Think, do and say whatever makes you feel good.  No worries, we won't tell your parents, it's none of their business.  You are in charge of your self and we will assist you in keeping your secrets from them."   

This is to paraphrase what children are being told in school taken from  my own personal experiences, other personal testimonies shared with me and accounts I have read in books or articles.  

Sexual Attacks and Bullying

are Common Place













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Books and Resources to Inspire Homeschooling 

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