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God has given me a very specific mission this summer.  I am to go on the road with my daughter and our RV.  I am to share our stories and meet people in person.  It is crucial to my mission that it be grassroots, in person testimony.  

Satan is working overtime to devour our children. He will stop at nothing and he has an enormous army of people working on his behalf.  


The Government has seized control over every facet of our lives through Corporate Takeovers, Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Chemical Companies and 3 letter agencies like the FDA, DOJ, and CDC to name a few.  

In no way has been their control been more effective than their takeover of Education.  A better name for it is Government Indoctrination.  In public school our children are being taught to hate America, believe that Communism is good and Capitalism is bad, boys can be girls and girls can be boys, all white people are inherantly racist and pornography is being presented as early as pre-K to sexualize them as early as possible.

We are being propagandized through Mainstream Media and the Medical Industrial Complex.  They want us sick and there are now plenty of sources demonstrating the purposeful poisoning through our food, water, 5G and pharmaceutical drugs to name a few.  If you don't believe me, go to ChildrensHealth and read about the U.S. government's nefarious attempt to conceal the dangers of flouride.

Purposeful or not we have an epidemic of disease and a mental health crisis among both children and adults that is unprecedented. According to the CDC autism has gone from 1 in 150 to 1 in 36 since 2000, only decades ago it was 1 in 10,000.  


We can all see it with our own eyes.  Will we admit what we clearly can see?  Will we rise up and face the truth, educate ourselves and boldy fight back by speaking out, educating others and taking action?


This is my quest.  No matter how hopeless it may seem I will not rest until I see the downfall of every single corrupt institution that is seeking to destroy our beloved United States of America, the Constitutional Republic that so many risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to establish and preserve.  


We simply cannot go on like this and survive.  We have do do something lest we do nothing.  This is for the sake of posterity.    

It is time to to rise up and fight back!  But how?  

By getting back to GOD FIRST!  With God, nothing is impossible.  


I am taking action and sharing my tactics to inspire and empower others to act with the courage of a Mama Bear.  



TCMB (The Conservative Mama Bear) is going on the road.  This is a grassroots movement to shine God's light into the darkess of the current culture of death that is devouring our children.  Our Country will not be saved through politics but by every single Christian having the courage to RISE UP, SPEAK TRUTH, REPENT and DEPART from the current culture. My mission is to mobilize an army that is determined and equipped to fight the Spiritual Battle for the souls of our children. An Army of Spiritual Warriors that will Protect & Preserve Life, Truth & Beauty for posterity.  

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